Istanbul Museums

Istanbul Museums

The most famous museums in Istanbul …. Get to know it with Zain Turizm

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Hagia Sophia istanbul museums

istanbul museums


At the beginning it was a church then it became a mosque at the end it turned into a museum and it’s very famous for its Byzantine and Ottoman architecture.

Top Kapi

istanbul museums

Or what’s known as the High Door. It’s one of the biggest palaces in Istanbul and was the residence for Sultans of the Ottoman Empire for 4 centuries. And it has some holy monuments like the sword and gown of Prophet Muhammad “PBUH”

Dolma Bahce

istanbul museums

A palace located in Besiktas and it was the administrative center for the Ottoman Empire also it’s considered an architectural masterpiece of the Islamic architecture.



It was opened in 2003 and has 129 structures for the most famous monuments in turkey and the Ottoman monuments around the Islamic world. When you visit it you can get information about each structure form a device next to it that can let you listen to the information in many languages, Turkish, English, Arabic, French, Russian, German, Spanish and Japanese.

Chora Museum


Or known as Khora Church, and it was a byzantine church and considered to be one of the most beautiful byzantine architecture that’s still up till now. In the 16th century it was turned into a mosque later on it became a museum and it has a lot of artistic painting and mosaic.

The Chocolate Museum


Or known as Pelit Museum for Chocolate, when you enter it you’ll have a view of how chocolate is manufactures plus the designs in the museum. Inside it you can see structure for historical monuments like Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque made out of chocolate. Also there are statues for special people like Mostafa Kemal Ataturk and Sultan Muhamma al Fatih made out of chocolate.