New Years Eve in Turkey

New Years Eve in Turkey

What have you planned for this New Years Eve ? Don’t worry about it… and let us think for you.

If you were lucky enough and came to Istanbul to celebrate this special night then you can do the next.

Celebrating New Year Eve in Istanbul has its own glow.

There are many places that you can spend this night in it

New Years Eve

For example you can have dinner in one of the restaurant that has a view over the phosphorus and enjoy the magnificent beauty of its lights especially when the New Year begins then it will turn into beams of lights out of fireworks!

Or you can have dinner in one of the cruise ships in Phosphorus and enjoy the charming lights of this special night in addition to the calmness and fairness of the sea.

If you were a walking lover then you can go and celebrate in Istiklal Street or Taksim Square that are known for their being awake all night… i.e: people and lights there never sleep in such a night!

Also, you may go to Galata Tower and have a great panoramic view of Istanbul glowing in this night!

New Year’s Eve is very special in Turkey… people offer gifts to their lovers or relatives and kids wait for their gifts for almost a year!

So book your ticket and come to Istanbul to enjoy this very special night and make it unforgettable! Only with us…. With Zain Turizm.

By the way… don’t forget to ask about our special offers for this special night!

New Year Eve