Tourism and Travel in Turkey

Tourism and Travel in Turkey

Turkey …. Is God’s heaven on earth! Yes indeed it is a heaven! . When you search for tourism and Travel in Turkey

When you visit it you’ll be astonished by the beauty of its nature and the magnificent scrivener from green to blue to all the colors are joined in one area!

If you were lucky to come and have some fun in Turkey, surely you would visit Istanbul the city of minarets known for its great and beautiful mosques. Did you know that Istanbul has almost about 3150 mosques! Not forgetting that it is located in two continents Asia and Europe.

tourism and travel in Turkey

In Istanbul you can visit many touristic sights, such as Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Aya Sofia Museum, Topkapi palace, Dolma Bahçeçe palace, have a tour in the aquarium in Florya or you can have a cruise in the Bosporus and enjoy watching the palaces on both sides of the sea. Nevertheless, you can go to the black sea because as you might know Istanbul has views on both Marmara Sea and Black Sea. So you’ll be able to visit the gorgeous Şile or Ağva villages which are located on the black sea shore.

Or you can go and visit the wonderful lakes like Sapanca Lake or Abant Lake or even the seven lakes that has great views in all seasons, and also if you search for winter tourism in Turkey .


Now if you were a fan of the mountains and the valleys then you’d go to have some fresh, clean air in Trabzon located in the north of Turkey. There you’ll see the best views on Lake Uzungol or you can have a trip to Rize which is famous for its tea farms. Also if you love to have some adrenaline then you can ride the zip line in Ayder and feel yourself flying between the mountains, valleys and sky!

When you visit Turkey you have to go and see the city of the sun Antalya located in the south of Turkey.

Having the clearest crystal beaches, there you can enjoy swimming in its sea! You can visit Bodrum or go to the Dead Sea in Fethiye and have the best memories there.


Also we can’t forget the Green city Bursa that has many things to visit and see such as the immortal tree which is older than 600 years!

And for the best adventure, go for a ride on air balloon in Cappadocia defiantly you won’t forget it! Or you can visit Pamukkale known as the cotton city and enjoy the views.

tourism and travel in Turkey

And sure any tourist coming to Turkey has to take a bath in the ancient Hammam or as known as Turkish Baths and taste the delicious Turkish delights or try the great kebab Iskender Kebab.

When you come to Turkey you’ll never regret it because it’s really worth it!

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