Tourism in Antakya

Tourism in Antakya

Located on Orontes River and it’s the capital of HatayGovernorate.

Most beautiful places to visit there:

Antioch Museum: it has the second largest collection of Roman Mosaic in the world. Also it has some ancient coins from different civilizations.

Antioch Park: located in the center of the city, many locals come to it in the morning for sport. Here you can find many café that serve tea, coffee and huka!

Titus Tunnel: a miracle of the roman architecture, although the canal is dry now but it worth to see it.

And you shouldn’t mix between Antioch and Antalya each one is located in a different position!

There also we can visit Harbiat area that has beautiful sites like waterfalls and enjoy a nice meal near it.

Also we can visit the grave of Habib al Najjar a mosque located in the center of ancient Antioch in the south of Turkey. Built by Sahaabi Abu Abeida in 638. It has a magnificent architecture from the middle centuries and considered a unique piece of art.

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