Tourism in Antalya

Tourism in Antalya

Antalya  The city of the sun and the sea .

Antalya the city of clearness where the warmth of the sun meets with the coolness of the sea.

There where the beauty of Nature is breath taking… the blueness of the clear sea with the golden beams of sun are mind blowing!

Pearly beaches in Fethiye with crystal clear water draw all your attention so that you can experience swimming like you have never done before.

Or you can practice gliding there and enjoy the view of the beauty of Mediterranean Sea.


Tourism in Antalya

There also you can visit city that has white building over green mountains… there you can practice sailing or diving or visit the famous Fink beach.

Also in Bodrum you can visit the museum of sea where all what was founded in the sea is there for you to see.

And certainly you can do some shopping the Midtown shopping center!

In Antalya we can enjoy the view of Dudan waterfalls and have a great breakfast next to it also you can go down to the cave to reach the bottom of the waterfall and have the greatest adventure!

And if you were a lover for old history you have to visit Side in Antalya that has great history there you can visit Side stadium or Side museum or even the old city also there you can have a chance to see Manfajat Waterfall that has hot water which is very healthy also famous for being so high!

Tourism in Antalya with Telfreek

tourism in antalya

And you are now in Antalya near the Mediterranean so you have to visit Antalya Aquarium that has the longest tunnel under water also has the greatest hall in the world that is covered with real snow and takes with its coldness to the Antarctica!

Your family has a right too! They can enjoy there day in the water city in Antalya and have fun playing there!

And sure your tour won’t be great enough without trying the Olympus Telefrik.

So why to wait?? Antalya is great in summer or winter, come and book your seat with us for the next tour…. With Zain Turizm your dreams come true!