Tourism in Bursa

Tourism in Bursa

Bursa …. The green city

When you mention Bursa you’ll certainly remember the beauty of its nature… the mountains and the waterfalls.

There you can enjoy the coolness in summer and the skiing in winter

When going there you must visit the famous Old Tree Çınar tree which is almost 600 years old!

There you can take the most beautiful photos and drink a delicious cup of Turkish tea.

And surely you have to visit Uludag Mountain and ride the Telefrik and enjoy the magnificent views from above … that’s in summer. In winter you’ll enjoy skiing in this high great mountain.

Also we won’t forget the lovers of Turkish Delights there we’ll visit the manufacture of it where you can buy any kind you like.

And we’ll have a chance to visit Koza Han market or what’s known as silk market where you can buy souvenirs for you friends and مfamily.

And why not to have a visit to the third largest cave in Turkey which is, Oylat cave.

Tourism in Bursa in Winter

Tourism in Bursa

Also we can have a ride for the great waterfalls of Sudarshanor Erikli and enjoy your lunch in one of the restaurants there.

If you were a honey lovers then you’ll definitely love to try the honey in Bursa so we’ll take you to the honey apiariesto get what you like!

At the end of our journey, we’ll visit the Great Mosque of Bursa one of the biggest mosques in Bursa.

So let’s enjoy the beauty of Bursa and have the chance to visit this wonderful city… hurry and book your tour…. With Zain Turizm Bursa is different!

Tourism in Bursa