Tourism in Istanbul – Best City in the World

Tourism in Istanbul – Best City in the World

Istanbul a city of beauty, modernity and history…. A city of charm, love and passion.

Every time we mention Istanbul we’ll immediately remember the Phosphorus that link between Asia and Europe.

And wherever you walk through Istanbul you’ll be able to enjoy the view of magnificent architecture throughout the mosques, palaces or even towers.

Tourism in Istanbul

If you went to Eminonu you’ll certainly see the beautiful gull flying over the sea… also you can taste the famous fish sandwich which is prepared by the traditional, historical ships in the sea in addition to the tasty pickles.

Also you must go and visit the Egyptian Market that’s famous for the various kinds of spices, sweets and souvenirs.

Nevertheless you’ll visit the new mosque of Eminonu  that has a great view on the phosphorous.Tourism in Istanbul

And from there you’ll head to Istiklal Street and Taksim to visit Galata Tower or have a ride in the tramway there.

These are if you were a walking lover, but if you love to ride the sea then you must try the ships and go in a cruise ship through the phosphorus .

Or you can go to the Asian side and visit the Camlica hill that has a great view of Istanbul from high above.

Also you can promenade in Istanbul gardens and the most famous are Gulhane and Emirgan gardens.

A short visit to the Top Kapi palace we’ll take you to heaven!

Or having a barbecue in Belgrad Forest

Tourism in Istanbul

The most beautiful visits is a visit to the maiden tower which is built in the middle of the sea in the Asian side and from there we can visit Ortakoy and have a chance to make a wish and put it in the air balloon to let it fly and become true!

Sure we won’t forget about the Black Sea and its fairness plus the awesome villages of Sile and Agva there you can relax and visit the minaret that over look on the point where the phosphorus meet with the Black Sea.

All of this and many more you can have it too! Only with us…. Hurry and book your tour… with Zain Turizm.