Tourism in Italy – Tour in Italy

Tourism in Italy – Tour in Italy

Tourism in Italy … the majestic country of civilizations….

We’ll visit in our tour two cities…. Rome and Venice

What’s known for Rome is that it’s the capital of Italy and the residence of the Pope and Vatican.

Rome is very rich in historical things and the great architecture it has a lot of monuments and statues in addition to many churches like: Santa Marry Majora Church and the church of Bazilika.

Surely we won’t forget about the Colosseum that can fit for 45 thousands audiences. Also, we have the interesting Roman field

Tourism in Italy

Also in Rome there’re a lot of shopping centers where you can buy the wonderful Italian souvenirs.

At the end of our tour in Rome, we have to taste some of the delicious Italian food like pasta or pizza!

And now we move to Venice … the city of lovers…. The city of romance!

The city has many islands linked with each other’s by bridges and it looks on the Adriatic! Also considered to be one of the most important cities of Italy and most beautiful.

Venice has more than 400 bridges that link the 18 islands most of these bridges are built out of rocks and other material like wood and iron. The longest bridge is the bridge of Freedom.

What mostly distinguishes Venice is its climate because it’s moderate… plus the lovely boat that you must try them!

So let’s discover these places….with Zain Tourism

Tourism in Italy