Tourism in Izmir and the charm of Aegean Sea

Tourism in Izmir and the charm of Aegean Sea

What most importantly to visit there is the Clock Tower that goes back to 1901.

Also you can walk near the cornice and enjoy your dinner in one of the restaurants there and have a great romantic night!

Next we’ll go to visit Aqua Park that gives you an unforgettable time with your family.

Also there’s Natural Life Park that’s special for being the first zoo in Turkey and the first opened reserve for wild animals in Turkey.

Tourism in Izmir

And you shouldn’t forget about riding the Telefrik in Balkova area to promenade there and have barbecue. From there you can see Izmir as you haven’t seen it before!

Certainly you must go to Kadikeval Castle and Ataturk Museum; not going there is a loss!

If you were a shopping lover then you’ll enjoy visiting Pazar Kimiralty that’s distinguished by its fences, domes and homes!

Also thre’sKonak Pierre Pazar, an ancient Pazar built in 1890 and has a great, expensive goods in it.

At the end we’ll visit the elevator, that goes up high in the sky to give you a great view of the city plus there you can have a meal in one of the restaurant that serves light meals so like this you’ll spend a great time!

Tourism in Izmir

If you are eager to go to Izmir you only have to contact  us and book your ticket in our next tour to be lucky enough and travel with Zain Turizm.