Tourism in Pamukkale

Tourism in Pamukkale … where nature deceive you!

When you arrive there first you’ll think you’re seeing white mountains of snow and pools of water! But the truth isn’t like this!

Pamukkale means “Castle of Cotton” in Turkish, actually is pools of hot water in summer and winter made by volcanic eruption, it’s considered as a spa since the Romans. The visitors to this miracle come to enjoy the hot mineral water that’s full of minerals and very healthy for humans. In addition to see great views of nature that doesn’t exist in any other place in the world. Don’t miss it!

Tourism in Pamukkale

There are myths says that the water there is sacred water able to heal you from your sickness. But in any way bathing in this water in magnificent through the greatness of nature!

And you can visit it anytime of the year! And it will be the best adventure especially in winter!

The visitors won’t forget this experience bathing in the pools that are very ancient!

There are many ways to reach Pamukkale, everyday there’re more than 4 flights from Istanbul Airports to Pamukkale.

With us you’ll be able to see and discover the beauty of this city and enjoy its hot water. So book your ticket in our next tour and never hesitate!

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Tourism in Pamukkale