Tourism in Singapore

Tourism in Singapore

Tourism in Singapore …the city of law and hygiene

When you visit the island of Singapore the first thing your eyes will see are the signs of the laws in there. Sometimes you see a sign of no smoking or a sign of no gum chewing and so on.

But when you make your tour you’ll forget all about it and enjoy your ride!

First thing to visit is the universal studios it has a lot of Hollywood characters and your family we’ll enjoy this visit …. So you can have a chance to watch Shrek movie in 4D! An unforgettable adventure … also you can see Madagascar, Jurassic Park and many other movies.

Then we’ll do a tour in Sentoza Island that has a lot of activities to do and most importantly is the Telefrik and what’s so special about it is that you can reserve your own cabinet for a special dinner and enjoy the view of Singapore from high above.

Tourism in Singapore

Also there’s Tiger Sky Tower that if you went to the top of it then you can see all of Singapore because the top of the tower can spin in you 360 to have a full view of all the scenes.

Then we’ll have a visit to the famous Sky Park which is a swimming pool on the roof of a high building, the building of Marina Bay Sands, there you’ll see the greatest view on the most beautiful scenes of the city, and if you were one of the Hotel guests then you can swim freely in it!

And definitely you should drop by the Zoo of Singapore to see the greatest animals in the world there you can ride a trolley and wander in the zoo and have a chance to see the Panda closely.

Also there’s the Night Safari that has great shows of fire a daring activity and at the end you can enjoy a meal at the restaurant there!

All of this you can do it for sure but only with Zain Turizm.

Tourism in Singapore