Tourism in Spain – Tour in Spain

Tourism in Spain – Tour in Spain

Tourism in Spain …. The city of the moon!

We’ll visit firstly Madrid City and in it we’ll visit :

Plaza de Siples square that has a fountain showing Roman gods on a trolley drawn by lions.Tourism in Spain

Next we’ll visit where people usually meet to celebrate the New Year what’s called poirta del sol.

Surely we’ll have a walk in the street of Gran Via the street that doesn’t sleep.

And from there we’ll head to Brado museum famous for having more than 7000 piece of art.

Then we’ll go to Barcelona and most importantly we’ll visit the church of Sagarda Familia.

Next we’ll visit Picasso museum that shows many arts for Picasso.

Also we’ll visit the cathedral of Barcelona.

Certainly we’ll visit Granada and its famous Alhambra Palace. Which is a sign of the Islamic architecture.

At the end we’ll visit the Cathedral of Granada.

All of this and more…. Only with Zain Turizm

Tourism in Spain