Tourism in Trabzon

Tourism in Trabzon

Trabzon … the Bride of the North

Trabzon is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey, for it combines the sea, the lake, the mountain and even waterfalls.

And maybe the most famous thing in Trabzon is its lake Uzungol with its amazing views and magnificent nature it’s distinguished because it’s located between the mountains and everybody have visited it was astonished by its beauty. There you can sit, relax and enjoy your time!

Then we’ll move to Rize to wander in the tea farms and sure we’ll visit the tea Manufacture and have a chance to buy an original tea from there.

After that we’ll head to Ayder to have a great adventure doing rafting in Ayder River and enjoy the Adrenaline flowing in our veils and sure we’ll try the zip line to have a great view of the waterfall from high above.


Tourism in TrabzonAt night we’ll have a great time and a hot cup of tea in Boztepe hill.

Definitely we’ll visit the Sumela Monastery which is fampus for its great architecture and wonderful view.

Also we have the city of garrison which is famous for its people that they live long time!

Tourism in Trabzon

If you were a lover for dairy products then you should visit Sultan Murat Mountains to taste the delicious cheese there plus buying the tastiest butter in the world.

At the end you have to have some honey from Trabzon because it’s very fancy and original also very healthy.

All of this and more only with Zain Turizm… book your tour now!

Tourism in Trabzon in Winter

Tourism in Trabzon