Winter Tourism in Turkey

Winter Tourism in Turkey

Have you been wondering that coming to Turkey is only nice in summer ? Then let’s change your point of view! Turkey is nice in all seasons.

What are the places that you can visit and enjoy your time in it? Let’s start with the mountains:

First of all we have Kartepe that’s located on a mountain with a height of 1650m . There you can practice skiing or ride the Telefrik and enjoy the view from there where you see the nature in its wedding dress! Then you can go and have lunch in one of the restaurants that serves the best original Turkish food.

Also you can visit Abant Lake that’s famous for being beauty in each season not only in winter …. There you can make your own meal you can have your own fish and cook it your own way so that you enjoy a healthy tasty meal!

Surely we can’t forget about Bursa and Uludag Mountain it’s the greatest to visit in winter … you can also practice skiing there and have a great time between the mountain and snow!

Winter Tourism in Bursa

winter tourism in turkey 1

And let’s introduce to you Kartal Kaya a place where you can enjoy your time with your family!

And in this coldness going for a hot bath is great! So we’ll visit the Termal in Yalova where the healthy hot water is there for you to heal.

So let’s not miss the chance and say we’ll wait for summer! No! Summer and winter are great in Turkey! Turkey is gorgeous throughout the year!

Winter Tourism in all cities in Turkey

winter tourism in turkey


With Zain Turizm all seasons are nice…. Come with us for our next tour to have unforgettable adventures!